Our Office Staff

1. Mrs. Inggrid Indrajati (Director)                                       

2. Mr. Christopher Law (General Manager)

3. Mr. Ade Rama (Head of Marketing & Operation)

    Email: ade@inti-megah.com 

2. Mrs. Luciana (Head of Account)

    Email: luciana@inti-megah.com 

3. Ms. Senni (Customer Service)

    Email: senni@inti-megah.com

4. Mrs. Yuliana (Accounting & Tax Supervisor)

    Email: yuliana@inti-megah.com 

5. Mr. Joe (Operation)

    Email: henryjoe703@gmail.com 

6. Mr. Ketut (Operation)

    Email: ketut@inti-megah.com 

7. Mr. Satya (Marketing & Operation) 

 Email: satya@inti-megah.com